Slamtec Slamkit Mapping & Localization Solution

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  • Slamtec Slamkit Mapping & Localization Solution
  • Enhances scalability and stability of mobile robotics
  • Provides robust localization in complex environments
  • Supports large-scale mapping up to 1,200,000 m2
  • Reduces resource consumption by 50%
  • Includes comprehensive SDK development kit

The Slamtec Slamkit Mapping & Localization Solution is the industry's first commercial offering that independently provides mapping and localization functionalities, significantly enhancing the scalability and stability of mobile robotics. This solution can be embedded in a robot’s controller via software licensing, enabling autonomous mapping and localization. It allows for easy customization of robot applications through standardized software interfaces.

Slamkit offers real-time and robust localization capabilities, even in complex and dynamic environments with high similarity and sparse features. Its multi-source fusion localization system integrates and dynamically combines multiple localization sources, switching modes as needed for different working conditions. Various auxiliary localization techniques, such as sensor enhancement and dynamic map updating, further enhance its adaptability to high-precision localization requirements.

The solution optimizes computational resource management, reducing resource consumption by 50% compared to similar industry software, thereby lowering hardware requirements. It supports large-scale mapping up to 1,200,000 m2 and employs SharpEdge™ map optimization technology to create high-precision maps with an accuracy of 1.5 cm. Automatic and auxiliary loop closure detection strategies ensure higher success rates in mapping, and dynamic parameter adjustment interfaces maintain map quality.

Slamkit includes a comprehensive SDK development kit, offering C++, Java, ROS, Restful API, and other toolkits for swift and easy development. Its map toolset includes offline mapping, multi-map stitching, multi-layer map fusion, and map element editing, streamlining deployment and increasing cost-effectiveness. Real-time monitoring tools enable remote connectivity and operational status monitoring through cloud services and visual interactive tools.

Throughout the product lifecycle, Slamkit provides diversified support services, accelerating the implementation of customers’ products. It supports common controller hardware and systems, including Intel and ARM architectures and Ubuntu systems. The solution abstracts a rich set of software interfaces for various SDK toolkits and provides comprehensive documentation and sample code. It adapts to various scenarios such as household, cleaning, industrial, delivery, and inspection, ensuring stable robot operation through diversified parameter configurations.

Slamkit offers standardized performance evaluation methods and tools to validate personalized robot products, shortening deployment time with visual interactive tools like Robostudio. It provides cloud-based deployment services for saving historical data and partial element editing. For operations and maintenance, Slamkit includes a runtime data recording system and an offline data playback system for quick issue resolution, along with cloud-based maintenance services for remote recovery.

Note: Ensure proper handling and usage of the software to avoid operational disruptions.

  • 1x Slamtec Slamkit Mapping & Localization Solution

  • Max mapping area: 500,000 ~ 1,200,000 m2
  • Map Area: 150 x 150 m
  • Map resolution: 1 cm
  • Usage Time: 1.5h per cycle
  • No Upgrade Service
  • Real-time localization error typically within ±5 mm, ±1°
  • Maximum distance range: 50 m (typical value)
  • Empowers robots for over 2000 hours
  • Utilized by over 30,000 enterprise units
  • Deployed in over 1000 companies' projects
  • More than 3000 cases handled
  • High-precision map resolution of 1 cm
  • Localization stability maintained with up to 50% map change
  • Supports SharpEdge™ map optimization technology

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