BNO055 9DOF 絶対方位 IMU Fusion ブレークアウトボード

Adafruit Industries商品コード:RB-Ada-215
メーカー #: 2472

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販売価格 ¥6,007



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  • BNO055 9DOF 絶対方位 IMUフュージョン ブレークアウトボード
  • 1デバイスに高性能センサを3個搭載
  • 高速ARM Cortex-M0ベースプロセッサを搭載
  • インテリジェント電源管理システムは、組み立て および テスト済みの状態で出荷

BNO055 9DOF 絶対方位 IMUフュージョン ブレークアウトボードは、MEMS加速度計、磁力計 および ジャイロスコープを利用し、高速ARMのCortex-M0ベースプロセッサを搭載した単一基板上に配置し、すべてのセンサデータを処理し、センサフュージョンとリアルタイム要件を抽象化し、四元数、オイラ角、または ベクトルで使用できるデータを出力することで、方位の問題を解決します。

BNO055 9 DOF Absolute Orientation IMU Fusion Breakout Board- Click to Enlarge


  • 絶対方位(オイラベクトル、100Hz) 360°球面を基準とした3軸方位データ
  • 絶対方位(四元数、100Hz)より正確なデータ操作が可能な4点四元数出力
  • 角速度ベクトル(20Hz) 3軸の「回転速度」(単位:rad/s)
  • 加速度ベクトル(100Hz) 3軸の加速度(重力+直線運動)(単位:m/s^2)
  • 磁場強度ベクトル(100Hz) 3軸の磁場検知(単位:マイクロテスラ(uT))
  • 直線加速度ベクトル(100Hz) 3軸の直線加速度データ(加速度から重力を引いた値)(単位:m/s^2)
  • 重力ベクトル (100Hz) 重力加速度の3軸データ(あらゆる動きを差し引く)(単位:m/s^2)
  • 温度(1Hz) 周囲温度(単位:摂氏)
  • I2Cアドレス:0x28(初期設定値)または 0x29
  • 1 x BNO055 9DOF 絶対方位 IMU Fusion ブレークアウトボード
  • サイズ:20 x 27 x 4 mm



  • ヘッダ穴 および 取り付け穴間隔は 4mm
  • 取り付け穴位置:20 x 12mm
  • I2Cアドレス 0x28 (初期設定値) または 0x29
  • 重量:3g

Customer Reviews

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The real deal

I didn't think it was possible to reliably sort out the absolute orientation from this kind of sensor data, but somehow these guys have managed it. I'm using two of these for the wrist rotation of a wired glove. Both attached to the forearm, one toward the elbow and the other toward the wrist. Inverse transform the wrist by the elbow, and you get a quaternion that only changes with wrist rotation, and not with arm/body movement. I was worried they might be too wishy washy for it to work, but from initial tests with them taped to my arm, the resulting wrist angle seems to be quite stable. Amazing! A few tips: 1. Give it a few ms to boot up before you try to communicate with it. I'm using a bare ATMega168 (same family of microcontroller as Arduino), and the TWI hardware makes communication very simple with just a few register reads and writes, but there's no indication that the sensor is present until it finishes booting up. 2. Make sure it gets itself fully calibrated. The calibration process runs continuously while in NDOF mode, but you need to do a certain series of movements for it to work (explained in the manual). 3. Be sure to treat the values it returns as signed 16 bit rather than unsigned (d'oh!)


This thing is absolutely amazing, and no I'm not a plant :-) I've been using separate MEMS devices for gyro, magnetometer and accelerometer and working out my own coordinate system strategies so I fully appreciate how complex the problem really is. After following the simple calibration motions, which can take a few minutes to get right, this little jewel just cranks out Euler angles that are spot on. Absolutely worth it if you just want to get your orientation data and get on with the rest of your project. 73, Elwood, WB0OEW


simple to use and very accurate, very useful for robotic projects


very accurate and easy to use; useful for robotic projects

Easy to use!

I'm building a BB-8 droid, and needed an IMU but didn't know the first thing about sensor fusion, and wanted as many cpu cycles as possible on my microcontroller for other tasks. This BNO055 takes care of all the grunt work and give me the heading info I need to feed into my PID controllers. I couldn't be happier with it. For what it's worth, I did find that adafruit's libraries didn't get along with the teensy 3.2 that I was using, but the example code from the link below worked great after adjusting the I2C address.