Plusivo 電子回路用 はんだ付けキット(USプラグ)

メーカー #: X0029GW9U3

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販売価格 ¥2,913



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在庫あり 4 個


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  • Plusivo 電子回路用 はんだ付けキット(USプラグ)
  • さまざまな用途に対応するはんだ付け工具
  • 様々な高品質工具
  • 小さな工具の収納に便利で、耐久性のあるPUキャリーバッグが付属
  • 携帯に最適

Plusivo 電子回路用 はんだ付けキット(USプラグ)は、DIY、電気修理、その他のはんだ付け作業に必要な、様々な用途のはんだ付け工具が入っています。


  • 1 x 温度調節式はんだごて(60W) 
  • 1 x はんだごてスタンド 
  • 1 x 小型ワイヤストリッパ工具 
  • 1 x 湾曲ピンセット ESD-15 
  • 1 x ストレートピンセット ESD-11 
  • 1 x 錫線はんだチューブ 
  • 1 x はんだ吸引器 
  • 1 x 電線 AWG22(黒) 
  • 1 x 電線 AWG22(赤) 
  • 5 x はんだごてチップセット 
  • 1 x はんだ吸取線 
  • 1 x 小型ドライバ 
  • 1 x 小型基板 
  • 電子ブック:はんだ付け技術習得用
  • プラグ型式:US

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Works well

Was skeptical at the low price and the loads of little stuff that comes in the bag but was pleasantly surprised. It is a good quality product that gets you started on your hobby or task. I have used it to solder about 40 connections now and it has worked flawlessly (I am an amateur). Have used the forceps, tips, solder sucking thing, wick and heat shrink, they all work. Great starters kit to see if you are going to stick with this hobby or if it is a one time soldering job! Also, the bag is super useful to keep everything together.

For me, this was a great value

This was a very inexpensive kit that I got to replace my late 80’s 40W soldering iron. Right away I used something more solid for the base of the stand and the sponge was replaced with brass. Adjustable temperature is a bonus but pay attention to the setting if you touch the dial when you pick it up. I still haven’t had need for the desoldering pump or tweezers, but the desoldering braid and particularly the hook-up wire were nice to have. That practice PCB got used right away. I already had heatshrink tubing but still found uses for the short bit of the larger diameters. My favo(u)rite bonus part of the kit was the two miniature screwdrivers. I held onto my last soldering iron for over 35 years… If I ever justify upgrading from this one, I’ll probably still hang onto it. If you're a serious hobbyist maybe consider something more dedicated and less starter kit. If your just starting out. or finally retiring your old iron (and ways) get a flux pen too (but that will cost about half of what this kit does).