Sabertooth Dual 12A 6V-24V 回生モータードライバ

Dimension Engineering商品コード:RB-Dim-42
メーカー #: SABERTOOTH 2X12

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販売価格 ¥13,741



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  • Dual 12A 6V-24V 回生モータドライバ
  • 超音波切換え周波数
  • 熱 および 過電流保護
  • リチウム保護モード
  • 入力モード:アナログ、R / C、簡略化済シリアル、パケットシリアル

この Sabertooth Dual 12A 6V-24V回生モータドライバ は、Sabertooth 2×10 モータコントローラの新バージョンです。 これは、市場で最も汎用性の高い、そして効率的で使いやすいデュアルモータドライバの一つです。中出力ロボット、例えば、最大13.6kgの戦闘用か、最大45.4kgの一般用ロボット機器に最適です。 パッケージ開封後すぐに、SabertoothはDCブラシモータ 2個に対し、各々最大12Aを供給することが可能です。 最大値25Aの電流で数秒間使用可能です。 過電流 および 熱保護を使用することにより、不慮のエンストや大きすぎるモータを取付けてドライバを破壊してしまうこともありません。 詳細については、この便利なリンクにあるドキュメントを参照してください。

Sabertooth Dual 12A 6V-24V回生モータードライバー

Sabertoothはアナログ電圧、無線制御、シリアル および パケット化されたシリアルのモータ 2個をコントロールすることができます。 Sabertoothを使用することにより、あなたはこれから数年にかけて、複雑化を増していくようなたくさんの異なったロボットを作り出すことができます。 Sabertoothには独立したスピード+方向の動作モードを持っており、差動駆動(タンク型)ロボットなどに対しても理想のドライバです。 動作モードは、搭載されたDIPスイッチで設定されるので、ジャンパがなくなる心配もありません。 Sabertoothには端子接続具が付属されているので、はんだ付けなしにロボットを構築することを可能にします。

  • 1 x Sabertooth Dual 12A 6V-24V 回生モータドライバ


  • 64 x 75 x 16 mm
  • 取付穴構成:38.1 x 50.8 mm

Customer Reviews

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Good settings with bad quality

I purchased it for Lynxmotion A4WD1 V2 chassis. Aluminum plate was twisted from factory. When I screwed it to flat bottom firmly one of radiators fеll off. I had to use thermal paste for computer CPU heathink and glued on perimeter by CA glue. Still there till now. Originally I played with robot controlled by Arduino. Then robot wasn't in use for one and half year. I cleaned up dust, removed Arduino Mega and put RC receiver to play outside as rover with FPV gear. Internal BEC is not enough for receiver with one normal size servo (camera pan mount). FPV equipment had power from separate Lipo. Power drops, robot stucks and servo goes to end of range. I disconnected servo and everything was fine. I had about 30 minutes of fun with 2-3 brakes. Yesterday I added separate 3A BEC to power receiver with servo. Obviously with two signal wires from receiver to motor driver I should connect ground line. Several minutes everything was Ok, then robot stuck just on flat floor without any forse on it like obstacles or something. In several seconds magic smoke came from motor driver despite the statement that it has all kind of protections. I meashured voltage and current when robot runs. Maximum (full throttle) was 1.8 amperes for four motors. Nothing for this motor driver. By specifications 120 RPM motors have 5A stall current. So, I expected some room (2A per channel) for safety but alas. Robotshop, is this covered by warranty or I should throw it in the trash? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Comment from RobotShop: Yes, this product is under warranty for a period of one year. Regards,

Sabertooth Drive

As advertised, powerful software but easy to use. Plenty of power for your motors.


First you can tell that a Lot of effort & knowledge went into the making of this board. It is made to take all of the guess work out of having to think about the controller for Robots. It not only allows for wasy setup but, the biard can actually recharge your batteries! Setup takes less than a couple of minutes, and it readily hands between 2-4 servos. It is almost plug and play. And it is so GREAT that I will buy another one. Don't waste your time buying a different Board- Because THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED!!! And it has a Great Price. GREAT WORK- Dimension Engineering!

Phyo Myat
works very well

Sabertooth work well,quite and no problem on start and stop.

Great Driver

This is a great motor driver, very flexible. I'm using it with my Wild Thumper 6WD chassis. Build quality is great, documentation is great and easy to understand. RobotShop is also great to work with, knowledgeable and helpful folks!