Business Opportunities

A partnership with RobotShop interests you? RobotShop has different business opportunities to suit your needs.

Why Manufacturers Choose RobotShop

  • RobotShop is specialized in robotics technology.
  • RobotShop has been around for over 15 years and is rapidly growing year after year.
  • RobotShop is partnered with the leaders in the industry; Makeblock, Garmin, Automated Pet Care, Hasbro & Arduino just to name a few.
  • Multilingual customer service & experienced engineers and technicians to provide exceptional after sales support.
  • With worldwide distribution networks and facilities across the globe, RobotShop excels in distribution optimization and logistics.
  • Established relationships with suppliers based on mutual trust and respect.
  • Search Engine Optimization; Web searches always lead to RobotShop.
  • Product descriptions are translated in multiple languages for even more visibility.
  • Each manufacturer has their own page where all their products are displayed in their respective categories for unsurpassed visibility.
  • Expansion plans to sell on diversified e-commerce marketplaces to increase growth and revenue.

By partnering with RobotShop, your products and brands will gain significant visibility worldwide in multiple markets, including:

  • Hobbyist and custom robot developers: a large segment of our customers are always looking for innovative products such as yours.
  • Research and Development Organizations: Professionals and engineers alike prefer to purchase all their parts from one location.
  • Government and Military: with specialized support for government institutions and private or confidential projects, RobotShop is the place to contact for support and confidentiality.
  • Designers and Manufacturers: many of our products are sold to manufacturers to be used in their products or their production process. When a part is successful in a company’s prototype, the company often seeks out tiered pricing which RobotShop offers.
  • Education and Competitions: RobotShop's established customers include all levels of education as well as student competitions.
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