52Pi ABS Raspberry Pi 5 Case w/ Armor Lite V5 Cooler (US)

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  • 52Pi ABS Raspberry Pi 5 Case w/ Armor Lite V5 Cooler (US)
  • Robust ABS construction
  • Efficient Armor Lite V5 cooling
  • Quiet cooling fan included
  • Easy port access & assembly
  • Sleek, functional design

The 52Pi ABS Raspberry Pi 5 Case w/ Armor Lite V5 Cooler (US) is crafted to offer robust protection and efficient cooling for the Raspberry Pi 5 single-board computer. Constructed from ABS material, known for its durability and impact resistance, this case is designed to safeguard the device. The Armor Lite V5 heatsink, seamlessly integrated into the case, is tailored to dissipate heat effectively, particularly from the CPU, to maintain optimal performance during prolonged usage.

The case includes a cooling fan to augment the cooling system by promoting air circulation, which is designed to operate quietly while being powered by the Raspberry Pi JST socket. The fan is equipped with a JST 4Pin cable to facilitate a secure connection.

Designed exclusively for the Raspberry Pi 5, the case ensures a precise fit while offering unobstructed access to all necessary ports and connectors, including HDMI, USB, Ethernet, and audio. Users can easily reach the microSD card slot, GPIO pins, camera, and display connectors without the need to disassemble the case. The ventilation design of the case is meticulously planned to enhance airflow and maintain a cool environment for the internal components. The case also boasts an easy assembly process with straightforward instructions provided.

The aesthetic of the case is both sleek and functional, with a design that may feature a transparent or opaque finish, allowing for a view of the Raspberry Pi housed within.

Please note that the Raspberry Pi 5 and its components should be handled with care, and it is recommended to follow the assembly instructions closely to avoid damage.

  • 1x 52Pi ABS Raspberry Pi 5 Case
  • 1x Armor Lite V5 Cooler (Black)
  • 5x Thermal Pad
  • 4x Pi Enclosure
  • 1x Screw Driver
  • 2x M2.5 Screw
  • 4x Transparent anti-slippery rubber feet

  • Armor Lite V5 Heatsink: Integrated into the case design to effectively dissipate heat from the Raspberry Pi's components, especially the CPU
  • Cooling Fan: Designed to enhance the cooling capabilities of the case by promoting air circulation, likely to be relatively quiet and powered by the Raspberry Pi JST socket
  • Compatibility: Specifically designed for the Raspberry Pi 5, ensuring a perfect fit and access to all ports and connectors
  • Easy Access: Allows easy access to the microSD card slot, GPIO pins, camera and display connectors, and other features without the need for disassembly
  • Ventilation Design: Features a well-thought-out ventilation design to facilitate airflow and keep the internal components cool
  • Easy Assembly: Comes with easy-to-follow instructions for quick and hassle-free assembly
  • Aesthetic Design: May have a sleek and functional design, possibly with a transparent or opaque finish to showcase the Raspberry Pi inside
  • Weight: 120 g

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