Arducam Multi Camera Adapter module V2.2 for Raspberry Pi

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  • ArduCam Multi Camera Adapter Module V2.2 for Raspberry Pi
  • Offers DIP switches for easy stack up configuration
  • Provides real time video in lower frame rate
  • Features camera ports that are all FFC connectors
  • Supports 5MP OV5647 / 8MP IMX219 / 12MP IMX477
  • No mixing allowed

The ArduCam Multi Camera Adapter Module for Raspberry Pi V2.2 is designed for connecting up to 4 ArduCAM Mini camera boards on a single microcontroller including the Arduino, BeagleBone Black and Raspberry Pi platform.

Please note that Raspberry Pi multi camera adapter board is nascent product that may have some stability issues and limitations because of the cable’s signal integrity and RPi’s closed source video core libraries, so use it on your own risk.

The adapter board can be well mated with these popular open source ardware platform but not limited to them, you can also connect this adapter board to any platform you are familiar with as long as they have a free I2C and SPI interface

Arducam Multi Camera Adapter Module V2.2 for Raspberry Pi - Click top Enlarge

DIP switches are used here for easy stack up configuration. When only one multi camera adapter board is used, the switches 1and 5 should be switched to ON position.

If two multi camera adapter boards are used, the downside board should be switched 1 and 5 to ON and upside board should be switched 2 and 6 to ON position, and if 3 or 4 multi camera adapter boards are used together each board layer should be configured.

As normal camera operation, user can still use raspistill or raspivid command to take photos or videos. By control the GPIOs according to the Table 1 and Table 2 configuration, user can take photos or videos by switching between different cameras.

  • 1 x ArduCam Multi Camera Adapter Module V2.2 for Raspberry Pi
  • 1 x 60 mm 15pin FPC cable

Note:The Arducam Mini camera modules and Arduino UNO not included in this package.

  • Support 5MP OV5647 / 8MP IMX219 / 12MP IMX477 camera for Raspberry Pi, no mixing allowed
  • Support Raspberry Pi Model A/B/B+, Pi 2 and Raspberry Pi 4, 3,3b+.
  • 3 GPIOs required for multiplexing
  • Cameras work in sequential, not simultaneously

Note: When you use a DSI display together with this adapter, you will encounter the issue of I2C conflicts. It is recommended to use HDMI displays or run headless when using this adapter.

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