Reach Robotics Bravo 5 Standard Underwater Manipulator

Reach RoboticsSKU: RB-Blp-12
Manufacturer #: RB-5001

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  • Reach Robotics Bravo 5 Standard Underwater Manipulator
  • End-effector interchangeable and adjustable grab force
  • Self-protection against collision
  • Designed for industry-leading inspection-class vehicles
  • Max Lift Capacity: 20 kg
  • Advanced software interface with 3D visualization
  • Note: Master Arm not included

The Reach Robotics Bravo 5 Standard Underwater Manipulator is a tough 5-Function manipulator that opens up new compact inspection and intervention opportunities for service providers, researchers, and other operators.Enabled for pairing with the Master Arm controller, it offers ROV operators a first step in progressing their advanced intervention capability.

It is designed to conduct tasks usually reserved for human divers, the arm’s dexterity and responsiveness pave the way for advanced applications. The Reach Bravo enables Inspection, Maintenance, and Repair (IMR) tasks usually reserved for more expensive work-class ROVs.

The form factor was specifically designed for industry-leading inspection-class ROVs making it a ready-to-go option for existing fleets. With high accuracy (0.1°) joint positioning and intuitive control options, the Reach Bravo system is a must for operators in the new era of close inspection work and complex intervention.

  • 1x Reach Bravo 5-Function 300m Depth Rated Dexterous Manipulator with internal NVIDIA TX2
  • 1x Interlocking Quad Jaws
  • 1x Power Cable (1m, MCIL4F Female Connector to unterminated 4-core)
  • 1x Communication Cable (1m,MCIL8FE10 Female Connector to unterminated 8-core)
  • 1x RS485, RS232 and Ethernet Bench Test Interface Board
  • 1x 24V Power Adaptor
  • 1x Reach Control Lite Software
  • 1x Integration and Operators Manuals
  • 1x Mounting Fasteners
  • 1x Hard Carry Case

Blueprint Bravo 5 Standard Underwater Manipulator - Click to Enlarge

  • Full-Extension Reach: 0.7 m

  • Reach: 0.7 m
  • Full Reach Lift: 12 kg
  • Max Lift Capacity: 20 kg
  • Joint Speed: 60 °/s nominal
  • End-effector Accuracy: <1 cm
  • Grabber Close Force: 2000 N
  • Optional Sensor Interface: PWR + 232 + 485 + Ethernet
  • Control Modes: Position, Velocity, Cartesian (XYZ)
  • Depth: 300 m


  • 5-Function
  • Highly Modular & Configurable


  • In-Built Kinematics
  • Master Arm Controlled

Power Interface

  • Bulkhead: MCBH4M – MC 4C Male
  • Pigtail: MCIL4F – MC Inline, 4C Female, 60 cm

Comms Interface

  • Bulkhead: MCBH8ME – MC Ethernet, 8C Male
  • Pigtail: MC Ethernet Inline, 8C Female 100 cm

4 Degrees of Freedom

  • J1: 0 to 210 mm (standard)
  • J2: Continuous (360°+)
  • J3: 180°
  • J4: 180°
  • J5: 350°


  • Voltage: 20 - 48 V
  • Nominal Power: 200 W (10 kg Load)
  • Peak Power: 300 W (10 kg Load)
  • COMS: RS232 / RS485 / Ethernet


  • Depth: 300 MSW
  • Temp: -10 to 35 °C
  • Material: AL6061


  • Lift Capacity: 12 kg (full reach)
  • Max Lift: 20 kg
  • Weight (Air): 7.5 kg
  • Weight (Water): 4 kg

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