CREALITY3D DP-001 3D Printer

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  • CREALITY3D DP-001 3D Printer
  • Features molding and post-curing room
  • Uses light intensity calibration compensation technology
  • Offers fully automatic model-evaluation
  • Provides UV LED Optical system

The CREALITY3D DP-001 3D Printer features a molding and post-curing room: Eequipment integrated 3dprinting and post-curing process, rapid secondary curing after cleaning - simple and practical.

Magnificent metamorphosis, sparkling debut, a shiny mirror and special fuselage cover with modest and elegant design. Aluminum alloy molding-trough. multiple protection-and separation technology, greatly improve the working life of the trough, is 3-5 times the life of ordinary trough low cost, easy to change.

CREALITY3D DP-001 3D Printer- Click to Enlarge

UV Technique is to obtain a photo processing process high-speed synthesis of epoxy-acrylic resin at a high speed by irradiation with ultraviolet light at a certain wavelength, and the photo-curing reaction is essentially photoinitiated polymerization and cross-linking reaction.

CREALITY3D DP-001 3D Printer- Click to Enlarge

The button switches offer four keys to get all the printing functions of the machine, they are easy to understand and let you control the switching power supply. The accuracy of the assembled DLP 3d printer is determined by the quality of the spot and the thickness of each layer of the print achieving high-precision printing with a unique spot correction and focusing method.

Enjoy visible fine details, the precision can be shown by the details, which can reach +20-50 micron meter. And the surface of the printed product is delicate and smooth, exudes the luster of the resin.

  • 1 x CREALITY3D DP-001 3D Printer
  • Using technology: DLP Digital fused deposition modeling technology
  • Layer thickness: 0.005 ~ 0.1mm
  • Xs Y Distinguishability: 0.078mm
  • Printing Speed: 5-10s / layer
  • N.W: 21kg
  • Forming Size: 80 x 60 x 140mm
  • Facility Size: 360 x 290 x 630mm
  • File Format: STL
  • Generating Method: Manual or automatic, it is recommended to manually support
  • Curing room UV power: 12W
  • Operating system: Windows XP+ system
  • Consumables: Ordinary light grease, denture dedicated Light fat jewelry lost wax casting mold material
  • Power: 230W
  • Printing Method: Print online
  • Working Temperature: 20-38 °C
  • Working Power: 100-240V; 50-60HZ
  • Slice Software: DLP slicing software, Switchable Chinese and English interface

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