DC Current Sensor CE-IZ02-32MS1-0.5 0-10mA

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  • DC Current Sensor CE-IZ02-32MS1-0.5 0-10mA
  • Measures DC current up to 10 mA with 0.5% max error
  • Provides 0-5VDC linearly proportional output signal
  • Easy mounting options: screw holes or DIN rail
  • Compatible with 12-24 AWG wire sizes
  • Operates in temperatures from 0 to 50 °C

The DC Current Sensor CE-IZ02-32MS1-0.5 0-10mA measures direct current up to 10 mA. It is powered by an external 12 VDC power supply and provides a 0 to 5 VDC analog signal that is linearly proportional to the current measured at the terminal blocks. The sensor can be easily mounted using the screw holes or on a 35 mm wide DIN rail for quick installation. The terminal blocks accommodate conductors up to AWG #16.

To measure the current, the sensor features an internal 50 Ohm resistor, which may result in a slight voltage drop before the voltage reaches the device requiring power. Consequently, the remaining voltage might not be sufficient to power the device, particularly if the power supply has a voltage close to the device's minimum voltage requirements.

For comparison, using a 9V battery running through an LED with a forward voltage of 1.8 V and a 1000 Ohm resistor, there is an approximate drop of 0.35 V due to the 50 Ohm sensing resistor on the 10mA DC Current Sensor. The maximum voltage drop is 0.5 V when the sensor is measuring 10 mA.

It is important to note that the output of this sensor is not clamped at 5 V. If the current being measured exceeds the rated input current, more than 5 V will appear at the output signal. This can potentially damage the Phidget Board (or any other ADC) that it is attached to if the output signal exceeds 5 V for an extended period of time.

  • 1x DC Current Sensor CE-IZ02-32MS1-0.5 0-10mA
  • Sensor Type: Current (DC In-Line)
  • Controlled By: Voltage Input (0-5V)
  • Sensor Output Type: Non-Ratiometric
  • Input Current Min: 0 A
  • Input Current Max: 10 mA
  • Measurement Error Max: 0.5%
  • Sensor Response Time Max: 15 ms
  • Supply Voltage Min: 12 V DC
  • Supply Voltage Max: 12 V DC
  • Current Consumption Max: 16.7 mA
  • Output Voltage Min: 0 V DC
  • Output Voltage Max: 5 V DC
  • Isolation Voltage (DC): 2.5 kV DC
  • Isolation Voltage (AC): 1.5 kV AC
  • Material: Plastic
  • Recommended Wire Size: 12 - 24 AWG
  • Operating Temperature Min: 0 °C
  • Operating Temperature Max: 50 °C

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