Freetronics GPS Module

freetronicsSKU: RB-Fee-67
Manufacturer #: GPS

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  • Measures location, altitude and speed
  • Full Arduino library support
  • On-board battery backup
  • 66 satellite channels (22 active during tracking)
  • Built-in antenna

Measure location, altitude, and speed using your Arduino and the Freetronics GPS Module. Simple serial interface with full Arduino library support. On-board backup battery for fast startup and satellite position almanac storage. Features a built-in antenna.

Freetronics GPS Module- Click to Enlarge


  • “Fix” and “Power” LEDs to show status
  • 3m positional accuracy
  • 10Hz update rate
  • Supports external antenna by fitting an additional connector
  • 28 x 30 x 9 mm

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