Gravity Geiger Counter Module Ionizing Radiation Detector

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  • Gravity Geiger Counter Module Ionizing Radiation Detector
  • Offers large-scale and highly sensitive Geiger tube
  • Detect ionizing radiation
  • Provides a good random number generator
  • Easy to install layout
  • Power Supply: 3.3 ~ 5 V

The Gravity Geiger Counter Module Ionizing Radiation Detector detects ionizing radiation, such as nuclear radiation, X-rays, cosmic rays, etc. Electromagnetic radiation such as microwave oven radiation, mobile phone radiation, WiFi radiation, and induction cooker radiation can not be detected.

In addition, the Geiger counter is a good random number generator, and undetermined high-energy particle ionization events can provide enough random entropy to get you a truly random number, rather than a fixed random sequence based on a random algorithm.

  • 1x Gravity: Geiger Counter Module (Geiger Tube Included)
  • 1x Gravity 3 - Pin Sensor Connector


  • Geiger Counter outline size: 107 x 42 mm / 4.21 x 1.65 inch
  • M4011 Geiger Tube outline size: Φ10 x 88 mm

Geiger Counter

  • Power Supply: 3.3 ~ 5 V
  • Signal Output: digital output, pull down when pulse detected
  • Driving Voltage: ≈400 V
  • Maximum Range: 1200 μSv/h (theoretically)

M4011 Geiger Tube

  • Operating Voltage: 380 ~ 450 V
  • Background Counts: ≈25 CPM
  • CPM Ratio: 153.8 CPM/(μSv/h)

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