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  • LDROBOT D100 LiDAR Kit
  • Offers high-performance light-sensitive CCD
  • Thin, compact, and stylish appearance
  • Provides 360-degree laser scanning
  • Distance measuring range: 0.15 - 8 m
  • Scanning frequency: 6 Hz

The LDROBOT D100 LiDAR Kit offers high-performance light-sensitive CCD. It provides 360-degree laser scanning and distance measuring range between 0.15 - 8 m. Comes with a thin, compact, and stylish appearance.

Distance measurement up to 8m radius: With the optimized algorithm, the longer-range can sense the environmental information in a longer range, which ensures the robot's ability to cruise and build maps in a large area and obtain more environmental profile information.

LDROBOT D100 LiDAR Kit - Click to Enlarge

360-degree laser scanning: LD014 rotates clockwise in the ranging core to achieve 360-degree scanning and ranging detection of the surrounding environment, thus obtaining the information of the plane point cloud map of the space where it is located.

2300 measurement frequency: The sampling frequency of LiDAR is as high as 2300 times/S for full ranging, which can easily scan the outline of the scene within the ranging range and realize fast and accurate map building.

Triangulation technology: LD14 is based on traditional triangulation radar technology to achieve 360-degree environment detection, paired with LDROBOT first-class algorithm logic to achieve high-precision map construction and obstacle detection for the robot.

LDROBOT D100 LiDAR Kit - Click to Enlarge

Thin, compact, and stylish appearance: With a thin and light structure design, the product height is only 37 mm while ensuring performance, smaller size, lower power consumption, easier installation, and be adapted to more robot types.

Laser safety FDA Class I: In order to ensure the safety of the product for the human body and pets, a low-power infrared laser emitter is used as the emission light source and driven by modulated pulse. The laser pulse is in a very short time, which conforms to the FDA Class I human eye safety level.

High-performance light-sensitive CCD: LD14 adopts high-performance light-sensitive CCD, higher efficiency, more stable performance, more dense collection of information points, and more accurate map building.

  • 1x LD14 Lidar Sensor
  • 1x USB Interface Adapter
  • 1x Serial Cable
  • 1x Support Card
  • 1x Color Box

LDROBOT D100 LiDAR Kit - Click to Enlarge


  • 96.3 x 59.8 x 38.8 mm (L x W x H)

  • Distance measuring range: 0.15 - 8 m
  • Scanning frequency: 6 Hz
  • Ranging accuracy: 1°
  • Ranging frequency: 2300 Hz
  • Scanning angle: 360°

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