LeddarTech LeddarOne Optical Rangefinder (3.3V UART)

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  • Perfect for applications such as drones altimetry, robotics, level sensing, and more
  • Fast, accurate distance measurements
  • Eye-safe infrared LED source, 3-degree field-of-view
  • Best cost/performance ratio Vs. other laser rangefinders
  • Highly reliable in harsh environments, immune to ambient light
  • Range 0m to 15m on natural targets (up to 40m on reflective targets)
  • Lightweight (only 14g) and very compact form factor (2” diameter)
  • LeddarTech LeddarOne Optical Rangefinder (RS-485)  version also available

The LeddarTech LeddarOne Optical Rangefinder (3.3V UART) is a full-beam sensing module, whose focused, yet conic beam is entirely dedicated to one measurement, providing high robustness of detection, range, cost-effectiveness and ease of integration. This module is particularly suitable for purposes such as level sensing, security and surveillance and proximity detection, just to name a few.

Leddar™One: Innovation in the Palm of Your Hand
The Leddar™One Sensing Module brings a whole new dimension to your innovation, adding valuable sensing intelligence to a wide variety of products. As the Leddar™One can be easily integrated, almost any system can benefit from its advanced detection and ranging capabilities.

LeddarTech LeddarOne Optical Rangefinder (3.3V UART)

Discover Leddar™ Technology
Leddar™ (Light-Emitting Diode Detection and Ranging) is a unique detection and ranging technology created by LeddarTech that performs time-of-flight measurement using pulses from infrared LEDs. Leddar™ continuously provides rapid and accurate detection and ranging, covering narrow and wide beams, in all cases without any moving parts. The diffused light beam, processed through innovative algorithms, allows for the detection of a wide range of objects under various environmental conditions.

The Leddar™One offers an efficient six-pin interface. The module uses the MODBUS protocol, providing a robust, standard register-access interface for easy configuration and acquisition of measurement data. An interrupt signal is also provided to facilitate low-latency data acquisition.

Mechanical Integration
The module’s compact form factor and standard connector greatly facilitate integration in systems requiring detection and ranging capabilities.
Although not specific to level sensing, it is particularly well suited for NPT enclosures of 2” or more.


  • Very compact (2")
  • Excellent range and accuracy
  • Low cost
  • Highly adaptable
  • Low power consumption
  • Various interface and beam options
  • Configuration software and development kit included




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