LS 32 Channel, 150m LiDAR MS-C32-C150 (±3 cm) Drone Mapping LiDAR

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  • LS 32 Channel, 150m LiDAR MS-C32-C150 (±3 cm) Drone Mapping LiDAR
  • C32 LIDAR Sensor w/ SW SDK for quick application software development
  • Works in a range of 0.5 m to up to 150 m (@70% reflectivity)
  • Offers GPS interface for synchronizing multiple sensors
  • Allows 0.33° vertical resolution (ROI region, customized)
  • Dual echos (1.2M pts/sec) for mapping application
  • "One Piece" LD/APD (Emitter/Receiver) design

The LS 32 Channel, 150m LiDAR MS-C32-C150 (±3 cm) Drone Mapping LiDAR is a cost-effective, high-reliability TOF LiDAR sensor widely applied in intelligent industries. The sensor operates reliably under challenging lighting and weather conditions.

"One Piece" LD/APD design makes the manufacturing of LiDAR more efficient, performance more stable and the quality more reliable.

Different beam distribution options for users: 15°~-16°(even) or 14°~-18°(w/ ROI)

LS 32 Channel, 150m LiDAR MS-C32-C150 (±3 cm) Drone Mapping LiDAR - Click to Enlarge

Leishen's LiDAR sensor enables new applications in the mapping, industrial automation, transportation, security markets.

Mapping: Designed for high accuracy geospatial mapping and surveying. Adopt the new optical system design, reduce the light spot to one quarter of the original, improve the energy concentration and reflection information; New motor control module, even-angle emitting controlled by FPGA, improve the Angle accuracy. Compact design with less weight.

Industrial Automation: Factories, warehouses, and distribution centers can be run more efficiently and safely with AGVs/AMRs automated by C32 LiDAR. Leishen has developed 3D SLAM perception suites with C32 LiDARs, making the self-driving material handling machines adaptive to complicated environments.

Transportation: Vehicle accidents due to blind spots, poor visibility, changes in traffic flow, and distraction can be virtually eliminated through the use of LiDAR in vehicles. Furthermore, C32 LiDARs could be applied to Intelligent transportation industry (ITS) for precise traffic data collection.

Security: Homes, buildings, and land can be made more secure and managed intelligently through LiDAR-based surveillance and smart detection. Security solutions including perimeter protection, intrusion surveillance, 3D area protection could be achieved by C32 LiDAR.

  • 1x MS-C32-C150 LiDAR
  • 1x Ethernet Cable
  • 1x 12V/ 32A Power Supply Cable
  • 1x Three-way Harness (power supply, network port and GPS)
  • 1x Standard Box with Protective Foam
  • 1x 1 Year Warranty
  • 1x Windows Displayer Software & ROS Driver


  • φ102 x 105 mm
  • Scanning Channel: 32 Channels
  • Ranging Mode: Pulsed Laser, TOF
  • Laser WaveBand: 905nm
  • Safety Level: Class I (eye-safe)
  • Max Ranging Distance: 150 m (Reflectivity 70%)
  • Min Ranging Distance: 0.5 m
  • Ranging Accuracy: +/-3 cm
  • Data Acquisition Speed: Single echo mode: 600000 points/s | 1200000 points/s
  • Scan Frequency: Vertical: 32 channels fixed connection | Horizontal: 5 Hz, 10 Hz, 20 Hz (Option)
  • FOV: Vertical: -16°~+15° / 14°~-18° | Horizontal: 360°
  • Angular Resolution: Vertical: 1°/0.33°~3° | Horizontal: 5 Hz: 0.09º, 10 Hz: 0.18º, 20 Hz: 0.36º
  • Power Supply: +9 V ~+36 VDC
  • Impact Load: 500 m/sec²,last 11 ms
  • Vibration Load: 5 ~2000 Hz, 3G RMS
  • IP Rating: IP67
  • Weight: 1500 g

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