Lynxmotion SSC-32U USB Servo Controller

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  • Controls up to 32 servo motors
  • Comes preassembled
  • USB interface (cable included), Xbee socket, and TTL serial
  • Bidirectional communication with Query commands
  • Large capacitors to prevent brownouts

The Lynxmotion SSC-32U USB Servo Controller is the latest version of the very popular SSC-32 servo controller board. It has a USB port, an Xbee socket, improved power circuit, and a many other improvements.

Lynxmotion SSC-32U Servo Controller
The Lynxmotion SSC-32U Servo Controller is a small preassembled servo controller with some big features. It has high resolution (1uS) for accurate positioning, and extremely smooth moves. The range is 0.50mS to 2.50mS for a range of about 180°. The motion control can be immediate response, speed controlled, timed motion, or a combination. A unique "Group Move" allows any combination of servos to begin and end motion at the same time, even if the servos have to move different distances. This is a very powerful feature for creating complex walking gaits for multi servo walking robots. The servo's position or movement can be Queried to provide feedback to the host computer.

There is even a 12 servo Hexapod sequencer built in. This allows complete control of all aspects of the alternating tripod gait simply by transferring a few values from the host controller. Any output pin can be used as a TTL level output. There are 8 analog inputs pins for reading sensor values, and 6 of them can be used as static or latched digital inputs, so you don't have to worry about missing a short event.

The new SSC-32U board has improved power and communication management. The board still has three terminal blocks, but the new power circuit means that most of the time you will only need to use VS1. With the new board, the logic circuits have large capacitors to protect against brownouts, and the logic has auto power select so the VL=VS1 jumper isn't needed anymore. For communication, in addition to having USB on-board, the SSC-32U has an Xbee socket for easy use with wireless devices such as XBees and Bluetooth.

Lynxmotion SSC-32U USB Servo Controller- Click to Enlarge


  • 32 channels of 1uS resolution servo control
  • Bidirectional communication with Query commands
  • Synchronized, or "Group" moves
  • 12 Servo Hexapod Gait Sequencer built in
  • MiniSSC-II emulation, like having 4 of them

SSC-32 Servo Sequencer Utility (created using FlowBotics Studio)

The Lynxmotion SSC-32 Servo Controller board can be easily controlled with the new SSC-32 Servo Sequencer Utility. It is available as a free downloadable utility which makes it easy to experiment with robotics and animatronics. It can be found in the Useful Links section.

This utility is an example of the type of program which can be built using FlowBotics Studio (Download) , which includes this program as an open source demo project. The SSC-32 Servo Sequencer Utility program enables you to easily move servo motors, calibrate their position, store and playback motion sequences, upgrade the SSC-32 firmware and more.

Lynxmotion SSC-32U USB Servo Controller- Click to Enlarge

  • Firmware: 2.50USB
  • Microcontroller: Atmel ATmega328P
  • External EEPROM: 512 kbit
  • Internal Sequencer: 12 Servo Hexapod (Alternating Tripod)
  • Serial input: USB, 3.3V Xbee, TTL UART, N81
  • Baud speeds: 9600, 38.4k, and 115.2k selectable via push button; other speeds through register configuration
  • RC PWM Outputs: 32 (Servo or TTL)
  • Inputs: 8 (8 Analog, 6 Static or Latching Digital)
  • PC interface: USB Mini B (cable included)
  • Microcontroller interface: 0.1" Header
  • Servo control: Up to 32 servos plug in directly
  • Servo type supported: Futaba, Hitec and general 0.1" spaced 3-pin R/C
  • Servo travel range: 0.5ms to 2.5ms (most RC servos travel 180°)
  • Servo resolution: 1uS (~0.09° for 180 degree servos, if servo permits)
  • Servo speed resolution: 1uS / Second
  • Servo motion control: Immediate, Timed, Speed or Synchronized.
  • PC board size: 3.0" x 2.3" (mounting holes set 0.15” from each edge)
  • Logic power: auto select between VS1 and VL
  • VS peak current: max 15 amps per side
  • VS steady current: max 3-5 amps per side recommended

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Acigan International
The Ultimate Servo Controller

There are some Products out there that Review Stars can never be enough to cover. This is one such Product. Five Stars? pffft, what a Limitation!!! This is a Product that easily could triple the number of stars and it still would not be enough. Products arrived boxed, securely packaged and undamaged. This included multiple SSC-32U controller boards along with other devices and modules to be used in future projects. The SSC-32's were selected based in historical usage of the original SSC board in past prototypes. The enhanced functionality of the SSCs meet the needs of current projects which includes the testing of an Autonomous Interface Operating System. These boards are to provide locomotion functions to two separate prototype platforms, one based on an ESP32 and the second one based on a STM32. The same OS runs on both MCUs, which is the intent of the project, in order to validate the OS against multiple different MCUs. The SSCs provide the locomotion capabilities to each platform. These servo controllers are the best and the easiest to use which is why they are always selected for both past and present prototype platforms. They provide the Development Division of Acigan International the ability to focus on the Project, which is the Operating System itself, and not the bit banging and timings functionality of servo management. The SCCs perform their servo magic leaving the OS to only issue its high level commands or to make inquire as to the current status of instructions previously sent to an SSC. If you are looking for the ultimate in servo control. There is no other controller boards that can match the power and ease of the SSC-32U. Acigan International has also provided extensive feedback directly to RobotShop regarding future enhancements to the already great boards, based on past, present experience and as to future uses or enhancements of the SSC designs, and look forward to any of the feedback suggestions that may find their way into any revisions to an already great product. Keep up the good work, RobotShop. And again, Thank You to your Team there, for all the insight you provided during our conversations. Acigan International Research and Design Division Development Division Prototype Testing Division Quality Assurance Division

Fantastic board for offloading the servo control

Does the job very well to control the servos. The documentation is fairly good. I wished, they opensource the firwmare to better understand the capabilities.


Works like it should, hexapod is walking... only thing i couldn't connect it with the hexapod cilibration tool. but there are alternative which did work. so no problem.

Great Documentation

Very good product with great documentation. Easy to use normally or integrate into a custom system.

Amazing - flawless performance. Wonderful product.

I'm using 3 of these to control 81 servos from RPI, and it does so flawlessly. If I could add a feature, it would be the addition of different easing modes to the time-based location, but for now I'm taking care of that in code. Oh, also daisy chaining. Really a wonderful product, and seems to have no trouble even at the edge of its specification.

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