Marvelmind Robot Boxie Advanced

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  • Marvelmind Robot Boxie Advanced
  • Automatic LIDAR-based and 3D imaging obstacle detection
  • Full remote control and monitoring by a dispatcher
  • Doesn't need additional assembly
  • Long battery lifetime: up to 16h drive
  • Payload: up to 10 kg

The Marvelmind Robot Boxie Advanced is an autonomous mobile robot designed for smart warehousing, industrial applications, research, and education. Fully autonomous delivery from point A to point B (C, D, E, etc.) indoors with a single button click or via remote one-click command.

Up to 10 kg payload with multiple optional mounted equipment starting from basic baskets to arms with grippers. Automatic LIDAR-based and 3D imaging obstacle detection and avoidance for safety (1D LIDARs and Intel RealSense). No additional assembly is required. Ready to drive out of the box.

Full remote control and monitoring by a dispatcher or user, Long battery lifetime - up to 16h drive with internal batteries. Optional external batteries of up to 10 kg. Fast charging ≤2h with optional fast charger and <6h with default charger.

  • 1x Marvelmind Robot Boxie Advanced

  • Autonomous ready-to-drive robot: Yes
  • API: Yes
  • Battery: 97 Wh
  • Charger 1A: Included
  • RealSense (D435 + D265) + software: Yes
  • Dedicated Zoom training, hours: 5
  • Beacon+modem included, pcs: 5+1
  • Fast charger (5A): Included
  • Payload: up to 10 kg
  • Weight: 4.5 kg

Obstacle Detection and Avoidance

  • 12x LIDARs 1D
  • Intel RealSense 3D LIDAR
  • 2x Sonars
  • Current sensing


  • Marvelmind Indoor "GPS"
  • 12 x 1D LIDARs
  • Intel Realsense (3D stereo + 3D LIDAR)
  • Up-facing camera
  • Several IMUs
  • Odometer for each wheel
  • Marvelmind sonars
  • Current sensing
  • Magnetometer/compass from the Android phone
  • Regular GPS from the Android phone


  • Raspberry Pi Zero W with Linux supported and MicroSD for multiple Gb
  • Several Marvelmind boards for very fast real real-time
  • 2x Marvelmind Super-Beacons for Indoor "GPS" and sonar

Chassis and Kinematics

  • Very rigid - 2mm steel
  • Up to 10kg payload
  • Two-wheel drive with front and back castor wheels. Capable to turn around on one point
  • There are mounting holes for most common boards: Several flavors of Raspberry Pi, Jetson Nano, Arduino, 30x30 pattern 3mm holes

Battery and Chargers

  • 12V-battery with different internal capacity from 40 to 100 Wh
  • Default 1A charger and optional 5A (10A) fast charger
  • Optional external batteries
  • Current and voltage sensing (also available via API)

External Interfaces

  • 6x USB
  • 40pins of Pi Zero - standard interface
  • 40 pins from our Odometer board: UART, SPI, I2C, USB, +12V & 1A and +5V & 1A to power your external devices, GND switch
  • HDMI (Raspberry Pi connected)
  • Stereo sound
  • Buzzer
  • LED (top and 2 x front) for interfacing, debugging, and lighting
  • 2x programmable Functional Buttons and Reset button

Wireless Connectivity

  • Marvelmind radio in license-free band (868 or 915 MHz)
  • WiFi from Raspberry Pi and the Android phone
  • Bluetooth from Raspberry Pi and the Android phone
  • 2G/3G/LTE from the Android phone

Optical Sensors

  • RealSense - 3D stereo obstacles and positioning
  • RealSense - 3D LIDAR for obstacles
  • Up facing camera connected with Pi
  • Up facing camera of the Android phone

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