Mecabot Plus - Xavier (JP)

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  • Mecabot Plus - Xavier (JP)
  • Omnidirectional mecanum wheels capable of carrying heavy payloads up to 60kg
  • Equipped with ROS Computer Jetson Nano
  • Includes built-in LiDAR and Depth Camera
  • Suitable for indoor service robot applications

The Mecabot Plus - Xavier (JP) Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) platform is an ideal choice for indoor service robot applications. It is equipped with a built-in ROS Controller, LiDAR, Depth Camera, STM32 Motor/Power/IMU, and a metal chassis with four Mecanum Wheels and Independent Suspension Systems.

Mecabot Plus can save time and money for rapid prototyping or product development for indoor service robot projects. It is a powerful and professional AMR platform that can be integrated into service robots, especially those designed for indoor environments such as factories, warehouses, hospitals, public transport, office buildings, hotels, and restaurants. It can travel up to 1.39 km/h and its mecanum wheels allow it to travel in omnidirectional directions, making it an agile platform that can carry out big jobs at low cost. The maximum payload is 60 kg.

Why ROS?

ROS is the most popular robot operating system in the world. Utilizing a hardware platform based on ROS will benefit the user, allowing them to gain extensive practical skills from the world's most promising robot operating system.

Quick Start

ROS and Ubuntu images are preloaded on Mecabot Plus, which includes all the essential ROS software packages and drivers. The user can be guided through an online tutorial that will show them how to launch Mecabot Plus and its ROS packages within minutes.

Complete Solution

Mecabot Plus is a complete package for ROS learning and research projects, bundled with all essential hardware components and ROS software.


Mecabot Plus is expandable to add accessories such as robotic arms, voice recognition modules, LCD screens, and external keyboards, among others.

Classroom Ready

Mecabot Plus comes with comprehensive technical materials including a user manual, tutorials, and sample ROS codes, which saves valuable research and development time and resources.


Mecabot Plus is suitable for a variety of applications, including autonomous driving, SLAM, navigation, mobile manipulation, multi-robot systems, human-robot interaction, mobile vision capture, edge computing over 4G/5G, robot and drone collaboration, service robots, transport and delivery robots, inspection and patrol robots, intelligent mobile surveillance.

  • 1x ROS controller Jetson Nano
  • 1x Chassis
  • 1x Battery charger
  • 1x Orbbec depth camera
  • 1x LiDAR
  • Onboard Ubuntu, ROS1 and STM32 driver
  • iOS remote control app
  • Android remote control app
  • Drivers and Software Installers
  • ROS Packages and Source Codes
  • STM32 Chassis Source Codes

  • 554 x 636 x 248 mm / 55.4 x 63.6 x 24.8 cm (L x W x H)
  • Wheels Diameter: 152 mm

  • Maximum Payload: 60 kg
  • Servo Power: 100 W
  • ROS Controller: Jetson Nano
  • Depth Camera: Orbbec
  • LSLiDAR: Leishen
  • Mecanum Wheels: Omnidirectional, 152mm Diameter
  • Battery Life: 3.5 Hours (No Load), 2.8 Hours (With 3kg Load)
  • Weight: 19 kg

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