Pololu ACS724 Bidirectional Current Sensor Carrier (±30A)

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  • Pololu ACS724 Bidirectional Current Sensor Carrier (±30A)
  • Accurately measures ±30A
  • Low-resistance path
  • Isolates up to 2.4kV RMS
  • High 120kHz bandwidth
  • Operates -40 to 150 °C

The Pololu ACS724 Bidirectional Current Sensor Carrier (±30A) is a sophisticated device designed to accurately measure bidirectional current flow up to ±30A. It features Allegros ACS724LLCTR-30AB Hall effect-based linear current sensor, which is known for its low-resistance current path and capability to provide electrical isolation up to 2.4 kV RMS. The sensor outputs a proportional analog voltage centered at 2.5 V, with a sensitivity of 66 mV/A and a typical error margin of ±0.8%. It is optimized for operation within a voltage range of 4.5 V to 5 V, making it suitable for integration into 5 V systems.

The sensors design incorporates differential Hall sensing to reject common-mode fields, ensuring that external magnetic fields do not compromise the accuracy of the measurements. The internal resistance of the conductive path is typically low, and the printed circuit board is constructed with 2-oz copper to minimize power loss. The Hall effect sensors design allows for the electrical isolation of the current path from the sensors electronics, which is beneficial for applications requiring such isolation. The sensor boasts a high bandwidth of 120 kHz, which facilitates rapid response times in control applications. Additionally, it includes an optional FILTER pin for bandwidth limiting, which can enhance noise reduction and improve resolution at lower frequencies. The sensor also features integrated digital temperature compensation circuitry, which maintains near closed-loop accuracy over temperature in an open-loop sensor. It is built to withstand automotive-grade operating temperatures ranging from -40 to 150 °C.

The ACS724LLCTR-30AB sensor is designed to operate at 5 V and is tailored for bidirectional input current from -30 A to +30 A. The output voltage varies in accordance with the input current, increasing with positive current and decreasing with negative current. The sensor is delivered fully assembled with all surface-mount components, and a strip of header pins is provided for optional soldering.

To utilize the sensor, five connections are required: input current, logic power, and sensor output. The supply voltage must be connected across the designated pads, and the sensor will output an analog voltage linearly proportional to the input current. The FILTER pin can be adjusted by adding a capacitor to the ground, which allows for customization of the board's bandwidth. The board can be integrated into the current path in various ways, depending on the application's current requirements, with options for soldering header pins, and wires, or using solderless ring terminal connectors.

Warning: This product is intended for use below 30 V. Working with higher voltages can be extremely dangerous and should only be attempted by qualified individuals with appropriate equipment and protective gear.

  • 1x Pololu ACS724 Bidirectional Current Sensor Carrier (±30A)

This board is shipped assembled with all surface-mount components. A 3x1 strip of 0.1" header pins is included but not soldered.

  • 0.7 x 0.8 inch
  • Current Sense: 0.066 V/A1
  • Minimum logic voltage: 4.5 V
  • Maximum logic voltage: 5.5 V
  • Supply current: 14 mA2
  • Version: -30A to +30 A (bidirectional 30A)
  • Sensitivity: 66 mV/A for Vcc = 5V
  • Current sensor: Allegro ACS724LLCTR-30AB
  • Differential Hall sensing rejects common-mode fields
  • Conductive path internal resistance is typically 1.2 mΩ
  • Electrical isolation up to 2.4 kV RMS
  • High 120 kHz bandwidth
  • Optional FILTER pin for bandwidth limiting
  • Integrated digital temperature compensation circuitry
  • Automotive-grade operating temperature range of -40 to 150 °C
  • Weight: 1.1 g

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