Radiolink CrossFlight Universal Flight Controller (FPV-Compatible)

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  • Radiolink CrossFlight Universal Flight Controller for Diverse Vehicles (FPV-Compatible)
  • Versatile for multiple vehicles
  • User-friendly installation
  • Advanced vibration damping
  • Integrated OSD module
  • Supports 10 PWM channels

The Radiolink CrossFlight Universal Flight Controller (FPV-Compatible) is a versatile and autonomous flight control processor developed for a wide range of vehicles including multirotors, fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, cars, boats, submarines, and radar tracking antennas. The processor is a product of a central enterprise, CECs Xiaohua Semiconductor. This flight controller is designed to be user-friendly, with straightforward installation and parameter setting processes. It benefits from nearly a decade of research and development, providing comprehensive design and application knowledge. The flight controller offers guidance for various vehicle types, from basic use to advanced functions such as PID tuning and log viewing.

The CrossFlight flight controller features software vibration damping for more precise hovering and stable high-speed flight. It utilizes the Mini Pix vibration damping algorithm to filter out high-frequency vibrations, ensuring sensor data accuracy and improved flight stability. The helicopter flight is simplified as no additional damping frame is required. The flight controller's casing is designed to protect the barometer from airflow interference during motion, and the mainboard includes a ventilation port for the barometer to ensure accurate readings.

An integrated OSD module allows for real-time graphical display of flight information such as direction, position, and other essential data, enhancing the FPV flying experience. The OSD can display a wealth of flight parameters, providing pilots with a comprehensive and reassuring flight monitoring system.

The CrossFlight flight controller supports up to 10 PWM channels, making it suitable for a variety of applications including aerial photography, mapping, agriculture, education, and formation flying. It is compatible with various ground stations for parameter tuning and supports exclusive firmware updates. The controller is part of a high-value integrated solution that includes a range of components for diverse applications such as volcano photography, reconnaissance, firefighting, agricultural protection, and educational training.

The CrossFlight flight controller is the result of 20 years of industry experience and a decade of research in the field of flight control. It boasts a secure research and development system that is not constrained by chip availability, ensuring a continuous supply of products even during chip production halts. The controller has been used in high-profile projects and has proven its capability in controlling autonomous agricultural vehicles and other advanced applications.

Warnings: The CrossFlight flight controller supports only Radiolink firmware. Users should regularly check the official website for the latest firmware updates and instructions. For any operational issues, users are advised to consult the manual, tutorials, or FAQs provided in the navigation bar of the introduction. If further assistance is needed, technical support can be contacted through the provided channels.

  • 1x Crossflight
  • 1x Power Module (Support 2-12S)
  • 1x Buzzer
  • 1x I2C Transfer Board
  • 1x FC Status Indicate LED
  • 2x Double-sided Adhesive Tape
  • 1x Buzzer and Receiver Connect Cable
  • 2x TELEM1&2 Ports Connect Cable
  • 1x FC Status Indicate LED Cable
  • 1x I2C Transfer Board Connect Cable
  • 1x OSD Port Connect Cable
  • 1x I2C Transfer Board Connect Cable
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x Packing Box

  • 39.7 x 39.7 x 13 mm

  • Built-in OSD module
  • 10 PWM channels
  • Supports secondary development:
    • The main processor comes from the state-owned enterprise CEC (China Electronics Corporation) subsidiary Xiaohua Semiconductor
  • Suitable for multi-rotor, fixed-wing, helicopter, car, boat, submarine, radar tracking antenna, and mecha
  • Software damping for more precise fixed-point and altitude hold
  • Super stable flight in high-speed mode
  • Enclosed protection for the shell against barometric pressure, reducing airflow interference during motion
  • Compatible with Ledi ground station, open-source ground station, QGC ground station, and Feiyu ground station for parameter adjustment
  • Only supports Ledi firmware
  • Wide voltage input range power module
  • Standard 2-12S (7.4-50.4V) wide voltage input range, maximum detection current of 90A (maximum detection current for a single channel is 22.5A), BEC output voltage of 5.3±0.2V, and BEC output current of 2A power module

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