SparkFun 6DOF IMU Breakout - BMI270 (Qwiic)

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  • SparkFun 6DOF IMU Breakout - BMI270 Qwiic-Compatible
  • Features ultra-low power BMI270 from Bosch for precise measurements
  • Incorporates intelligent, on-chip motion-triggered interrupt features
  • Equipped with a 16-bit tri-axial gyroscope and accelerometer
  • Ideal for wearable devices with its compact and Qwiic-enabled design

The SparkFun 6DOF IMU Breakout - BMI270 (Qwiic) is a sophisticated breakout board that is Qwiic-enabled and is built around the ultra-low power BMI270 from Bosch. This highly integrated, low-power Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) is specifically designed for wearables, offering precise acceleration and angular rate measurement, along with intelligent on-chip motion-triggered interrupt features.

The device incorporates a highly responsive and sensitive accelerometer and gyroscope pair and has several intelligent, on-chip motion-triggered interrupt features. The compact 1 x 1 inch design of the Qwiic BMI270 IMU Breakout allows for easy integration into your project using solderless Qwiic cables and compatible controllers.

The board also features all IO pins broken out to 0.1 inch spaced pin headers along the sides, providing flexibility for various connections. On-board solder jumpers offer the convenience of easily selecting the device address, removing the I²C pull-ups, and disabling the power LED if required.

The 6-axis sensor amalgamates a 16-bit tri-axial gyroscope and a 16-bit tri-axial accelerometer, utilizing Bosch’s automotive-proven gyroscope technology. The BMI270 has several functionalities, including an integrated plug-and-play step counter/detector and gesture detection for wrist-worn devices. This IMU is ideal for a variety of wearable devices such as smart clothes, smart shoes, smart glasses, and ankle bands.

The SparkFun Qwiic Connect System is a comprehensive ecosystem of I2C sensors, actuators, shields, and cables that facilitate faster and error-free prototyping. All Qwiic-enabled boards utilize a common 1mm pitch, 4-pin JST connector, which minimizes the required PCB space and ensures polarized connections, eliminating the risk of incorrect hook-ups.

  • 1x SparkFun 6DOF IMU Breakout - BMI270 (Qwiic)
  • 1 x 1 inch

  • 16-bit 3-axis accelerometer with a range of ±2g/±4g/±8g/±16g
  • 16-bit 3-axis gyroscope with a range of ±125dps/±250dps/±500dps/±1000dps/±2000dps
  • 400 kHz AUX sensor interface with hardware synchronization
  • I2C Addresses: 0x68 (default), 0x69
  • 1.8V and 3.3V operation
  • Ultra-low current consumption
  • Smart features
  • Significant motion / Any motion / Motion detect
  • No motion / Stationary detect
  • Wrist wear wakeup / Wrist-worn step counter
  • Activity change recognition
  • Wrist gesture recognition
  • 2x Horizontal Qwiic Connectors

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