SunFounder Da Vinci Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi w/ 69 Basic & Advanced Projects

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  • SunFounder Da Vinci Starter Kit
  • Designed for Raspberry Pi (Not Included)
  • Offers 69 Basic & Advanced Projects
  • Contains 4 programming languages
  • Comes with a transparent box
  • Provides powerful assistance in your programming learning

The SunFounder Da Vinci Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi w/ 69 Basic & Advanced Projects is a basic kit suitable for Raspberry Pi beginners. It contains 26 commonly used input and output components and modules and a number of basic electronic devices (such as resistors, capacitors) that can provide powerful assistance in your programming learning.

It is a Raspberry Pi Starter Kit compatible with Raspberry Pi 400 4B / 3B+ / 3B / 3A+ / 2B / 1B+ / 1A+ / Zero W / Zero. The kit contains 300 components for learning electronics and application programming. SunFounder Da Vinci Raspberry Pi Starter Kit contains 4 programming languages - Python, C, Scratch, Nodejs, and Java (processing).

  • 1x I2C LCD 1602
  • 1x T-shape Extension Board
  • 1x Ultrasonic Ranging Module
  • 1x MFRC522 RFID Module
  • 1x 9G Servo
  • 1x Infrared Motion Sensor
  • 1x BreadBoard Power Module
  • 1x BreadBoard
  • 1x Stepping Motor Driver
  • 1x Stepping Motor
  • 1x Keypad
  • 1x JoyStick
  • 1x LED Matrix
  • 1x Motor
  • 1x Fan
  • 1x 4-Digit 7-Segment Display
  • 1x 7-Segment Display
  • 1x DTH-11
  • 1x MPU6050 Module
  • 1x Relay
  • 3x Potentiometer
  • 4x Button
  • 1x ADC 0834
  • 1x L293D
  • 2x 74HC595
  • 1x LED Bar Graph
  • 2x Slide Switch
  • 1x Tilt Switch
  • 2x Active Buzzer
  • 1x Passive Buzzer
  • 4x Green LED
  • 4x Yellow LED
  • 4x Blue LED
  • 10x RED LED
  • 1x RGB LED
  • 20x Resistor (220R)
  • 10x Resistor (1k)
  • 10x Resistor (10k)
  • 2x Zener Diode
  • 2x 1N4007 Diode
  • 4x Capacitor 0.1 uF
  • 4x Capacitor 10 uF
  • 1x Thermistor
  • 1x Photoresistor
  • 4x S8550 Transistor
  • 4x S8050 Transistor
  • 1x 9V Battery Cable
  • 10x Jump Wire F/M
  • 65x Jump Wire M/M
  • 10x Jump Wire F/F
  • 1x 40-Pin GPIO Cable
  • 1x Resistor Color Card

SunFounder Da Vinci Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi w/ 69 Basic & Advanced Projects - Click to Enlarge


  • Transparent Box: 230 x 160 x 58 mm (L x W x H)
  • Transparent Box: Included

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