UFACTORY 850 Robotic Arm (6 DoF)

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  • UFACTORY 850 Robotic Arm (6 DoF)
  • Payload: 5 kg
  • Flexible deployment with safe feature
  • Durable collaborative robots with easy deployment
  • Graphical interface for beginner-friendly programming
  • Seamless integration with official accessories
  • Ideal for vision automation, machine tending, bin picking, robotic research

The UFACTORY 850 Robotic Arm (6 DoF) has a 5 kg payload and ±0.02 mm repeatability, offering mainstream performance as other 6-axis robot arms at ½ of the price. The built-in software works perfectly with UFACTORY studio – a fully GUI platform and features through our one-system solution decreasing engineering and manufacturing time significantly.

Standalone Ethernet Cable Meets All Your Needs

A physical internal 100 m ethernet cable enhances your system stability a far greater step. Standard CAT5 ethernet cable, which is compatible with most 3rd party vision devices.

Durable Collaborative Robots with Easy Deployment

Industrial-grade harmonic drive and servomotors with 17-bit encoder guarantee 24/7 working as well as ±0.02 mm repeatability. Crafted from carbon fiber and aluminum, the system weight is reduced by 50%. The lighter, the easier deployment.

Flexible Deployment With Safe Feature

Hand teaching, space-saving, and easy to re-deploy to multiple applications without changing your production layout. Perfectly for recurrent tasks. Collision detection is available for all of our cobots. Your safety is always the top priority.

Graphical Interface For Beginner-Friendly Programming

Compatible with various operating systems, including macOS and Windows. Web-based technology is compatible with all major browsers. Drag and drop to create your code in minutes.

Powerful And Open Source SDK At Your Fingertips

Fully functional open-source Python/C++ SDK provides more flexible programming. ROS/ROS2 packages are ready-to-go. Example codes help you to deploy the robotic arm smoothly.

Seamless Integration With Official Accessories

The robot arm can equip with a range of accessories to easily achieve the application you need. Gripper, Vacuum Gripper, BIO Gripper, 6 Axis Force Torque Sensor, and Linear motor.

  • 1x UFACTORY 850 Robotic Arm (6 DoF)


  • Reach: 850 mm
  • Repeatability: ±0.02 mm
  • DoF: 6 Axis
  • Payload: 5 kg
  • Maximum Speed: 1 m/s
  • Ethernet Cable: 100 M
  • Graphical Programming: Yes
  • Hand Teaching: Yes
  • Collision Detection: Yes
  • Self-Collision Free: Yes
  • Safety Boundary: Yes
  • Trajectory Recording: Yes
  • Offline Task: Yes
  • Python: Yes
  • ROS/ROS2: Yes
  • 3D Simulation: Yes
  • Weight: 17 kg


  • Joint 1: ±360°
  • Joint 2: -118° ~ 120°
  • Joint 3: -225° ~ 11°
  • Joint 4: ±360°
  • Joint 5: -97° ~ 180°
  • Joint 6: ±360°
  • Joint 7: ±360°


  • Ambient Temperature Range: 0 - 50 °C
  • Power Consumption: Typical 240 W, Max 1000 W
  • Input Power Supply: 48 VDC / 20.8 A
  • Footprint: Ø 190 mm
  • Materials: Aluminum, Carbon Fiber
  • Base Connector Type: M8 x4
  • ISO Class Cleanroom: 5
  • Robot Mounting: Any
  • End Effector Communication Protocol: Modbus RTU
  • End Effector I/O: DI x2 / DO x2 / AI x2 / RS485 x1
  • Communication Mode: Ethernet



  • Windows 10, macOS 10.10 or later, Ubuntu 12.04 or later

API Compatibility

  • Interfaces with any product that has an API
  • The robot API is open-source and users can make adjustments to the software as needed to interface with other products. While all integrations are possible, they all require custom code work i.e. most customers will need to write custom libraries and install software packages that are not shipped with the robot.
  • Open-source APIs GitHub. Learn more

Hardware Compatibility

  • Interfaces with any product that has
  • 12 ~ 24 V general purpose inputs/outputs
  • ModBus RTU (RS485)

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