Phidgets VINT 25A, 8-30V Single DC Motor Controller

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  • Phidgets VINT 25A, 8-30V Single DC Motor Controller
  • Designed to drive a single brushed DC motor up to 25 A
  • Supports motor voltage ranges from 5V to 30V
  • Requires a supply voltage from 8 VDC to 30 VDC
  • High Compatibility
  • Motor current sensing

This Phidgets VINT 25A, 8-30V Single DC Motor Controller attaches to your VINT hub and controls the direction and voltage of one DC motor using high frequency pulse-width modulation to achieve smooth operation. It also has current control, allowing you to set a current limit, which puts a maximum on the amount of torque exerted by the motor and allows you to use larger power supplies than what the motor is normally rated for.

This controller comes equipped with an encoder input that can read in the quadrature signal from an encoder attached to the shaft of your motor. You can use this information to make a closed-loop position controller.

Similar to a VINT port opened in Voltage Ratio Input mode, this port will read in a ratio metric sensor. This is useful for motors that come with attached potentiometers like a DC Linear actuator, so you can incorporate position feedback without needing to buy another input board.

  • 1x Phidgets VINT 25A, 8-30V Single DC Motor Controller

Board Properties

  • Controlled By: VINT

Voltage Sensor

  • Number of Voltage Inputs: 1
  • Sampling Interval Min: 500 ms/sample
  • Sampling Interval Max: 60 s/sample
  • VoltageRatio Input Resolution: 0.00026
  • Input Voltage Min (DC): 0 V DC
  • Input Voltage Max (DC): 5 V DC
  • Measurement Error Max: 0.5 %
  • Sensor Input Impedance: 324 kΩ

Controller Properties

  • Motor Type: DC Motor
  • Number of Motor Ports: 1
  • Velocity Resolution: 0.001 % Duty Cycle
  • Acceleration Resolution: 1 % Duty Cycle/s
  • Acceleration Min: 0.5 % Duty Cycle/s
  • Acceleration Max: 10000 % Duty Cycle/s
  • Acceleration Time Min: 20 ms
  • Acceleration Time Max: 20 s
  • PWM Frequency: 25 kHz
  • Sampling Interval Min: 50 ms/sample
  • Sampling Interval Max: 60 s/sample
  • Current Limit Resolution: 17.9 mA

Electrical Properties

  • Continuous Motor Current Max: 25 A
  • Supply Voltage Min: 8 V DC
  • Supply Voltage Max: 30 V DC
  • Current Consumption (Unconfigured): (VINT Port) 500 μA
  • Current Consumption Max          (VINT Port): 2 mA
  • Power Consumption (Unconfigured): 288 mW
  • Power Consumption: Motor power plus 700 mW

Encoder Interface

  • Number of Encoder Inputs: 1
  • Encoder Interface Resolution: x4
  • Count Rate Max: 400000 pulses/s
  • Time Resolution: 1 μs
  • Sampling Interval Min: 50 ms/sample
  • Sampling Interval Max: 60 s/sample
  • Encoder Input Low Voltage Max: 800 mV DC
  • Encoder Input High Voltage Min: 2 V DC

Temperature Sensor

  • Temperature Resolution: 0.04 °C

Physical Properties

  • Recommended Wire Size: 10 - 26 AWG
  • Operating Temperature Min: -40 °C
  • Operating Temperature Max: 85 °C

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