YDLidar GS2 100° LiDAR 30cm w/ 808nm Waveband

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  • YDLidar GS2 100° LiDAR 30cm
  • Offers high accuracy and stable performance
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Obstacle avoidance along the wall with performance improvement
  • High resolution of ranging angle, up to 0.6 degrees
  • Wide detection range, no blind zone in combination

The YDLidar GS2 100° LiDAR 30cm is a Linear array of solid LiDAR (hereinafter referred to as GS2) developed by the EAI team. Based on the principle of Triangulation, it is equipped with related optics, electricity, and algorithm design, to achieve 100 degrees high-precision laser distance measurement, and output point cloud data of the scanning environment. It can be used for robot obstacle avoidance, path planning, etc.

YDLIDAR provides 808nm and 850nm two waveband options, and the detection signals do not interfere with each other. Two FOVs for better scanning results. The GS2 can obtain more measurement information in the vertical direction, helping smart devices such as robot vacuum cleaners and service robots with accurate real-time monitoring of the edge, efficiently completing multiple difficult tasks.

The size of the whole device is only 25.6 (L) x 23.6 (H) x 10.8 (W) mm, which can be flexibly and easily integrated into various small smart devices. It can fully meet the refined detection needs of intelligent equipment such as robot vacuum cleaners.

  • 1x YDLidar GS2 100° LiDAR 30cm

YDLidar GS2 100° LiDAR 30cm - Click to Enlarge


  • 25.6 x 10.8 x 23.6 mm (L x W x H)

  • Range Frequency: 28 Hz
  • Range Distance 25 ~ 300 mm
  • Angle Resolution: 0.6°
  • Scan Angle: 100°
  • Sunlight resistant: 25k Lux
  • Life-time: 10000/h
  • Supply voltage: 3.2 - 3.4 V
  • Voltage ripple: 0 - 90 mV
  • Start-up current: 160 mV
  • Working current: 90 mV

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