AxiDraw V3 Personal Writing & Drawing Robot

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  • Simple, modern, precise, and versatile pen plotter
  • Can write with your favorite fountain pens, permanent markers, and other writing implements
  • Features a new, highly repairable, field-serviceable design for a long life
  • Allows you to use your computer to produce writing that appears to be handmade

The AxiDraw V3 Personal Writing & Drawing Robot is a simple, modern, precise, and versatile pen plotter, capable of writing or drawing on almost any flat surface. It can write with your favorite fountain pens, permanent markers, and other writing implements to handle an endless variety of applications. Its unique design features a writing head that extends beyond the machine, making it possible to draw on objects bigger than the machine itself.

AxiDraw V3 Personal Writing & Drawing Robot- Click to Enlarge

It is an all-new version of the AxiDraw, redesigned from the ground up for high performance. It features smooth rolling wheels on custom aluminum extrusions, specially designed for high stiffness and light weight. Its sturdy, rigid construction gives it finer quality output and in most applications allows it to operate at up to twice the speed of the previous AxiDraw.

AxiDraw V3 Personal Writing & Drawing Robot- Click to Enlarge

It features a new, highly repairable, field-serviceable design for a long life. While no parts on AxiDraw require regular replacement, this new machine is built with a "screws not glue" design approach throughout, where essentially every part can be replaced by the end user if it should ever become necessary. The AxiDraw is an extremely versatile machine, designed to serve a wide variety of everyday and specialized drawing and writing needs. You can use it for almost any task that might normally be carried out with a handheld pen.

AxiDraw V3 Personal Writing & Drawing Robot- Click to Enlarge

The XY travel (printable area) of the AxiDraw is just over US letter (8 1/2 × 11") and A4 (297 × 210 mm) paper sizes. It can work with any paper up to and including that size, including envelopes and note cards. The AxiDraw comes with a mounting easel (board with clips) that can be used for holding paper, cards, and envelopes of various sizes.

  • 1 x AxiDraw V3 Personal Writing & Drawing Robot
  • Includes a universal input regulated 9 V power supply


  • Usable pen travel (inches): 11.81 × 8.58 inches (Just over US letter size)
  • Usable pen travel (millimeters): 300 × 218 mm (Just over A4 size)
  • Vertical pen travel: 0.7 inch (17 mm)
  • Maximum XY travel speed, rapid: 11 inches (28 cm) per second.
  • Native XY resolution: 2032 steps per inch (80 steps per mm)
  • Reproducibility (XY): Typically better than 0.005 inches (0.1 mm) at low speeds.


  • Major structural components are machined and/or folded aluminum.
  • Holds pens and other drawing instruments up to 5/8" (16 mm) diameter.
  • Overall dimensions: Approximately 21.5 × 16 × 4 inches (55 × 40.5 × 10 cm).
  • Maximum height with cable guides: Approximately 8.5 inches (22 cm).
  • Footprint: Approximately 17 × 3.5 inches (43 x 9 cm).
  • Physical weight: 4.75 Lb (2.2 kg).
  • Shipping (Dimensional) weight: 22 Lb (10 kg).


  • Drive directly from within Inkscape, using the AxiDraw extension.
  • Alternative drive software: RoboPaint
  • Compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux
  • All software free to download and open source
  • Internet access is required to download software.

Programming interfaces:

  • Note: programming is not required to use the AxiDraw.
  • RESTful API available for full machine control, stand-alone or accessible by running RoboPaint in the background.
  • Simplified "GET-only" API available as well, for use in programming environments (such as Scratch, Snap) that permit only retrieval of URLs.
  • Direct EiBotBoard (EBB) command protocol available for use in any programming environment that supports communication with USB-based serial ports.
  • Code that generates SVG files can also be used to (indirectly) control the machine.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Wonderful Useful Device

I bought this machine to transcribe my original artwork onto Japanese vinyl (lino alerative) ready for manual cutting. I am extremely happy with the way it functions. It’s given my a whole new capability. Thanks to RobotShop for expediting my order in a prompt and efficient manner. Very happy with the service. Arrived as per the estimated delivery time. Got it working very quickly. Recommended :)

Great device

Really happy with the axidraw. Way faster and more accurate than expected. Also easy to program. Love it.

Really cool helper robot

I bought this to try my hand at making signatures for one business and writing thank you's for another. The tricky stuff is really in the vector design and SVG work, which luckily we work with already, but it's always good to read the docs first to understand what it can and can't do and to learn more about fonts and writing and capture. I'm glad the docs are well written and they are truly a good research resource in themselves. The device itself is pretty simple to use and fun to watch go. It utilizes Inkscape to run, which if you are familiar with will make you groan, but it does the job and there are further SDKs and such I've yet to dig into. Prepare to spend another $100+ on various pens and papers and make sure you have space to put the thing down for it's full range of motion! Definitely worth picking up if you are interested in it! Yes it's a tad pricey, but it's already saved us so much time! If you want to do drawing stuff too it's pretty precise and impressive!

Great product and service

AxiDraw is an amazingly simple and useful product. It does exactly what I was hoping it would do. Mind you, there is a learning curve, but evilmadscientist was very helpful along the way to get me up and running and achieving the results I was looking for. I'm looking forward to doing more and learning more about this great robot I now own!

It works!

I was nervous buying the pen plotter because I was worried that it won't work like the demo videos that I watched. I'm very happy now after getting it and using it for my project. The AxiDraw website has all the necessary set up information and the Forum is super helpful place to ask questions. The pen plotter is well built and the results have been impressive so far.

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