Lynxmotion - A4WD3 Rugged Wheeled Rover Autonomous Kit

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  • Lynxmotion - A4WD3 Rugged Wheeled Rover Autonomous Kit
  • 4WD microcontroller controlled mobile rover
  • Incorporates seals for water & dust resistance
  • Propulsion uses four planetary gear motors, 160 mm wheels & aluminum hubs
  • Motor controller, battery pack, charger and BotBoarduino microcontroller
  • Assembly required

The Lynxmotion A4WD3 Wheeled Rugged Rover Kit is a general purpose mobile robotic platform. The frame is used in three configurations: 4WD; Mecanum & Tracked, and variations of each platform include without electronics (so developers can integrate their own parts); an RC version and microcontroller-based for autonomous or semi-autonomous use.

This variation of the rover includes four 160 mm diameter off road wheels and it is left to the user to purchase additional electronics separately. The beadlock wheels provide dampening and are a good choice when the robot will be traveling over flat or uneven terrain. These wheels provide a respectable 41 mm of ground clearance.

Lynxmotion - A4WD3 Wheeled Rugged Rover Kit

The machined aluminum frame integrates seals around each motor shaft, and solid rubber cord between the frame and all panel openings, making it dust and water resistant. A large marine inspection hatch on the top panel provides easy access to internal parts as well as being able to quickly swap or recharge batteries. Aside from the internal electronics mounting plate, the platform is symmetric and can be inverted.

Lynxmotion - A4WD3 Wheeled Rugged Rover Kit - Hatch

The rover uses four powerful 12 V DC motors coupled to 27:1 all metal planetary gears. The rear shaft of each motor has a magnetic encoder which provides 12 pulses per revolution (PPR). These motors provide 4WD and allow the rover to reach a top speed of around 3 m/s (120 inches per second) without payload.

Lynxmotion - A4WD3 Wheeled Rugged Rover Kit - Wheel

Access panels are made of G10 composite and are intended to allow users to machine openings to add their own components. Included are also transparent polycarbonate panels which allow for an internally mounted camera and/or or LED lights for increased visibility (Lynxmotion - A4WD3 Red Brake & White High Power LED Module ).

Lynxmotion - A4WD3 Access Window


  • Autonomous security or inspection
  • Sensor platform for SLAM or inspection
  • Indoor / outdoor development platform

Frame Features

  • 4x planetary geared DC motors (12 V) with rear encoders
  • Machined aluminum frame with G10 composite plates
  • Shaft seals & solid rubber cord for water and dust resistance
  • Internal mounting plate for electronics & battery


  • Length: 377 mm / 14.843 inch
  • Width: 437 mm / 17.205 inch
  • Height: 158 mm / 6.220 inch
  • Ground clearance: 41 mm / 1.614 inch

Lynxmotion - A4WD3 Rugged Rover Wheeled Kit - Dimensions

A4WD3 Wheeled

  • Max speed: ~1.4 m/s (55 in/s)
  • Weight: 5.0 kg (11.023 lbs)
  • Rating: Water and dust resistant
  • Chassis: Aluminum frame & G10 (fiberglass) Pannels
  • Wheels: 158 mm beadlock offroad tires


  • Output Shaft: D-Shape 8mm
  • Operating Voltage: 12 VDC
  • Gears: Metal planetary gear
  • Unload Speed: 170 RPM (±10%)
  • Loaded Speed: 145 RPM (±10%)
  • Torque: 11.5 (9.98
  • Gear Ratio: 51:1
  • Current: ≤ 3 A


  • Operating Voltage: 5 V
  • Signal: Square wave AB 90 deg,
  • Pulse: 12 PPR
  • Frequency: 800kHz

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